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PValue Solutions offers quick, reliable, & proficient Data Analysis Services for global clients across different domains like Medical, Business, Finance, Startup, and Scientific research.

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Thesis Help

PValue Solutions provides thesis help to students seeking a myriad of degrees (usually at the Masters’ level), as well as MA, MS, and Master in Business Administration degrees. We tend to focus on customizing our help for our purchasers so that we can assist them to receive approval quickly and expeditiously.

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Business Analysis

PValue Solutions expertise in statistical analysis and experimental design. While most market research firms are experts at running focus groups, collecting data, and presenting the results, they ordinarily do not have an internal data analysis team. We not only have an internal team but our team expertise in virtually every relevant statistical methodology.

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Medical Analysis

The role of statistics in medical research starts at the design stage of a clinical trial or laboratory experiment to determine the look and size of an experiment that may ensure an honest prospect of detecting work effects of clinical or scientific interest. Statistics is once more used during the analysis of information (sample data) to create inferences valid in an exceedingly wider population.

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Doctoral Dissertation

If you’re a doctoral student and you’re preparing on your thesis proposal or Result Section, PValue Solutions is here to assist you. A typical quantitative thesis usually involves major use of statistics. All the methods involved are either mixed-methods or strictly quantitative thesis.

PhD Assistance
PValue Solutions

PhD Assistance

Once you have a clean comprehensive dissertation proposal, you’re then on the road to finishing your dissertation. Generally, the dissertation proposal consists of three parts, the Introduction, the Literature Review, and the Methodology. PValue Solutions assist PhD candidates in all three parts!

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Statistical Programming

Statistical programming refers to the computational techniques used in data analysis. Statistical programming packages such as R Programming, SAS, Python, IBM SPSS, STATA, MATHLAB, MINITAB and Tableau provides a variety of graphical and statistical techniques for exploring large data sets.

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Survey Development and Analysis

The Survey process has several distinct components, many of them needs statistical or psychometric analysis. Our team will assist with all of the quantitative components of the survey analysis methods, together with specifying the initial survey, developing the sampling set up, conducting psychometric tests for dependableness, validity, power, and analysing the information from the responses.

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Conference Presentation

An academic conference presentation is an important part of a researcher’s life and it is a chance that majority of young researchers look forward to. It’s natural for even senior and experienced researchers to feel a shade nervous when addressing an oversized audience, except for young researchers who are presenting for primary students.

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Journal Papers and Articles

PValue Solutions works closely with researchers who are within the process of writing or planning a study. This will typically be a frightening task because published papers should meet the very best level of scientific rigor, represent original analysis within the field and boost antecedent conducted studies.

"PValue helped me in writing my thesis. They were very patient with me as they inspected my work and provided me with ideas. They also helped me check for any grammatical and spelling errors. Thank you PValue Solutions "

Thanuja, Dubai

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